About Us

The Partner of your growth in Africa

Exploring new international markets is a critical moment in the life of a company, with great hopes and also sometimes worries.

Indeed, it can be difficult sometimes to gather reliable market infos, to know exactly how to begin your sales effort locally, and to understand which administrative and legal procedures are mandatory.

Founded in 2016 by Thibaud Leclerc and Etienne Morne, Trustin guides companies in their first steps on the African continent or in pursuing their growth in Africa, mainly in Western and Central Africa, connecting them with young local talents, real referents of the company locally.
A Community of Trustees trained for your business challenges
The members of our Trustin community, our Trustees, are students from the best local schools, young graduates or entrepreneurs, motivated and highly trustworthy.

Their profiles are always verified, their skills tested and validated by our team, for reliable missions.

Besides, we organize constant training and coaching sessions, to increase the skills of our Trustees.

Trustin ensures the supervision of missions at every step, for the success of your development.